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Eurolls Industrial S.p.A. is one of the world’s top machinery manufacturer in the wire sector. Over the last decade, Eurolls Industrial S.p.A. has grown significantly by adding the following brands to its portfolio:
  • Vitari
  • Teurema
  • Team Meccanica
  • Team High Carbon
  • Asteq
This gives Eurolls Industrial the ability to offer a full range of standard or customized machinery for the manufacturing of construction wire, industrial wire and wire processing. Counting on a wide experience and solid know-how, Eurolls Industrial's sales team is able to assist customers and find the solution that best fits their manufacturing requirements. Keeping up with the latest Industry 4.0 concepts and applications, Eurolls Industrial is producing machinery that integrates advanced technologies for an increased productivity and enhanced overall quality of the machines. Innovation is the key to the future that is why our company is investing in digital technologies for a more efficient and smart business.

Tradition, Innovation and Flexibility.