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These lines are extremely compact and versatile because able to produce all reinforcement grades as imposed by the most recent international material and construction standards. 
They all ensure the maximum flexibility and ease of production due to solutions like simple wire threading process (regardless of the wire diameter), line operation with mechanical power transmissions requiring no operator intervention over full exit wire range, etc. These lines can be supplied with stress relieving devices to further improve final wire quality, cold rolling devices, lubricant adding units, spoolers (horizontal or vertical - single or double) or straightening and cutting machines.

Main Features:
- Single or dual vertical axis capstan blocks;
- Supports for the cold rolling cassettes available;
- Capstan with "V" profile and diameter between 760-1200 mm;
- Simplified kinematic mechanisms for reduced maintenance costs;
- Wire threading process can be done automatically by pulpit, requiring no manual operator intervention over the full wire range.  Essential when processing large wire sizes; 
- Blocks are equipped with hydraulic safety systems, to prevent potential hazards to the operator in case of emergencies; 
- Equipped with the latest generation of low inertia asynchronous motors and standard gearboxes without gear shift.

MV Series
MODEL   MV 760 MV 900 MV 1200
WIRE Ø STRETCHING [mm] 6.0 ÷ 16.0 8.0 ÷ 20.0 12.0 ÷ 25.0
WIRE Ø INPUT - COLD ROLLING [mm] 5.5 ÷ 18.0 10.0 ÷ 22.0 14.0 ÷ 28.0
WIRE Ø OUTPUT – COLD ROLLING [mm] 4.5 ÷ 16.0 8.0 ÷ 20.0 12.0 ÷ 25.0
MAX. SPEED [m/s] 12 10 10