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The CT calibrating machines are used to test the chains' resistance by generating a tractive force on a tangential surface between a set number of chain links. The machine has two robust and oversized jaws, one of which is fixed while the other is adjustable so to allow link setting and traction processing. The jaws are pneumatically regulated whilst the machine’s traction force is accurately controlled by its levers and load-cell that verify and register both the link load and elongation values in quick succession.
The machines are equipped with a stamping unit to emboss the links after successful traction testing. In the event of link breakage, the machine will automatically stop. The machines come with a touch-screen panel allowing the operator to save all the traction settings for different chain sizes. All chain load and elongation values recorded may be downloaded via USB stick and subsequently processed.

Chain Calibrating CT Series
MODEL   CT 17 CT 50
WIRE Ø INPUT [mm] 7 ÷ 16 13 ÷ 26
TEST LOAD [tons] 17 50
JAWS DISTANCE [mm] 70 ÷ 300 150 ÷ 500
MAX. SPEED [tractions/min] 35 19